Thursday, December 28, 2006

Prodigio o Promoción?

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Thursday, 28 December 2006

ImageMas Grande que tu is the name of Miguelito’s debut album. This energetic seven-year-old has managed to capture the reggaeton scene with the mega hit, Montala. George Rivera was in charge of production, while DJ Memo engineered the album to be released by El Cartel Records, Daddy Yankee’s label. Mas Grande que Tu will hit stores on Tuesday December 19.

The young phenomenon first showed interest in reggaeton at the age of six. He never lets his musical career affect his personal success, however; having graduated with honors from the second grade at the Antilles Military Academy in his native Puerto Rico . Montala is ranked number two on several US play lists, garnering success due to its catchy lyrics and Miguelito’s natural rapping talent. Mas Grande que Tu contains 18 tracks, featuring by Gold 2, Tingui and Lennox , and many others.

This golden boy has shared the stage with Daddy Yankee, whom he considers his idol. Miguelito has warmed up to some of the big names of reggaeton, none of which are safe from the kid’s appetite to pull pranks.

At the start of next year, Miguelito will set off on an aggressive promotional tour in support of Mas Grande que Tu throughout Miami , Los Angeles , New York , Orlando , Chicago , and Puerto Rico , among many other major cities including an appearance at Don Francisco Presenta on Univision in January.

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