Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Aunke Les Duela!

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Tuesday, 12 December 2006

ImageIn February of 2007, a little bit before performing in the tradition Viña del Mar Festival in Chile, the popular Puerto Rican singer Don Omar may manage to perform in Paraguay. Don Omar may perform in Paraguay next February before performing at the Viña del Mar Festival, an event he's already confirmed, along with artists like Ricky Martin.
The paperwork for a reaggaeton concert in Paraguay is still being processed and the organizers who would bring the artist there are still unknown, is as the venue where the show would take place.

Don Omar has become one of the most known artists among audiences and the music industry. His first musical production, "The Last Don," has sold more than 350 thousand copies just in Paraguay, which is causing major expectations for his performance in the country. Don Omar recently performed at Madison Square Garden in New York, where he was cheered by the crowd. For this concert, the artist looked to medieval times for inspiration and broke the concert into three acts: in the first set, called “The King Defends his Reign,” he played songs like “Repórtense,” “Ronca,” “Candela,” and “Salió el sol.”

The second act, called “The King Rises to the Heavens,” included a costume and scenery change: the artist reappeared in a white suit with a matching cape. In the third and final act, called “The King Celebrates his Reign,” the hit “Dale Don Dale” drove the crowd wild. Later, he played songs like “Ojitos chiquititos,” “Pobre diabla,” “Dile,” “Cuéntale,” and “Ella y yo,” which featured Anthony Santos, leader of the group Aventura. Finally, the Puerto Rican artist played his Bandolero and Latin Reggaeton songs: “Mayor que yo,” “Sácala,” and “Conteo,” the main theme to the film “The Fast & The Furious III.”

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