Monday, October 16, 2006

Esto que dice este es BASURA!

ImageIf you're a bit familiar with the Latin music scene, you might have heard "Noche de Entierro (Nuestro Amor)" already. It's the addictive new single of top reggaeton producers Luny Tunes, off their latest album Mas Flow: Los Benjamins. They're responsible for the bulk of reggaeton hits, including "Gasolina."

The guest list on the track reads like a "best-of" of the popular Latin urban genre: Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Zion, Hector 'El Father', and Tony Tun Tun. This last guy is actually a merengue singer, but it's his input on the chorus that takes this song to another level because he can actually sing.

It seems Luny Tunes (and their new protégé Tainy) remembered the success of "Mayor Que Yo", the single off their 2005 hit album Mas Flow 2, because the exact same principle is used: get Tony Tun Tun for the chorus, a load of stars for the rhymes, and put an innovative beat under all that. Recycling or not, "Noche de Entierro" sounds fresh and sunny (the flute sample!) and is catchy as hell.

It's a shame the rest of the album is such a disappointment. A new Luny Tunes album is always big news because of their reputation of innovation, but beside "Noche de Entierro," there's not one song on Los Benjamins that could grab my attention. Lots of macho brawling and some nice blips and beeps, but nothing new. Even the much-hyped collaboration with Mexican soap stars RBD ("Lento") sounds ordinary and uninspired.

It seems the Latino public is still not tired of testosterone-filled perreo. Los Benjamins is topping all the Latin sales charts, but when I'm in need of some tropical beats, I'd rather give my copy of Tego Calderon's The Underdog another spin.


Nota: Creo que este tiguere escucho solo esa canción en la radio, porque de verdad hay muchas canciones que vale la pena. Creo que nada más hay que escuchar "Royal Rumble/Se Van" Esa canción esta mortal! Al Igual que "Mi Fanática" de Arcangel & De La Ghetto; Otra más es "Te Quiero Quitar la Ropa" de Dálmata. Entre otras... Aki les dejo mi propio Album Review de "Los Benjamins."

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