Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Chillin" Estan Tego Calderon & Don Omar

ImageTego Calderón finished filming the video of his next promotional single, Chillin’ which featured Don Omar. The video was filmed in Jamaica and was directed by Scott Franklin the same person who has directed the videos “What you been drankin’ on”, with Jim Jones and “Shottas”, and “There it goes” with Juelz Santana.

With this video, Tego Calderón and Don Omar take us to the birthplace of reggae music where the act of Chillin' turns into a true art form, Jamaica. Everything about the place is chillin’ - from the seas to the beach, from the fields to the hills, and every road in between.

Tego and Don Omar take us through “a day in the life” type video, but not only theirs. In addition to spending time with Tego and Don, they capture beautiful and cinematic moments from the days and the lives of all types of Jamaican folks who have welcomed them to their homeland with open arms - from Rasta's to waitresses, school teachers to nurses, everybody gets through their day somehow and figures out a way to just chill.

The video itself is a tribute to the act of Chillin'. It shows regular people just chillin’ after the rigors of every day. Those signature roadside jerk chicken stands and the people who run them...Chillin’, roadside bars and the patrons that visit them....Chillin', farmers up in the hills taking a break....Chillin’, a heavy set Jamaican woman hanging laundry by her vibrant colored house...Chillin’, teenagers climbing coconut trees...Chillin’, just everyday people.

The video is expected to be ready by the end of this month and will be distributed to all the markets.

During the next months Tego is scheduled to continue his promotional tour which will be taking him to Europe, where he will be presenting himself in Spain, UK, Germany, and France.

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