Friday, January 26, 2007

Tego Vs. White Lion

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ImageThe lawsuit is because Calderón, who is being represented legally by Patricia Rivera MacMurray and José Alfredo Hernández Mayoral, has not received complete payment for the royalties on the sales of his albums, El Abayarde (2002) and El Enemy de los Guasibiri (2003.) According to the document handed out by his representatives, Tego Calderón is owed a sum larger than 810 thousand dollars, according to a report from the newspaper Primera Hora.

De León refused to comment on the lawsuit and just expressed that he is relaxed and that he trusts in law, later adding, “everything is in God’s hands.” According to the lawsuit, De León, the president of White Lion, would have paid Tego $1.75 for the first 10,000 copies of sold El Abayarde. The sales of the reggaeton album that was released in April 2002, have currently surpassed 300,000 copies. The compensation, responded to the royalties for the use of his recording matrices and his songwriting for White Lion Records, according to the legal document presented at the court on July 7th.

In reference to El Enemy de los Guasibiri, released in November of 2003, he would have been paid $2.75 for every album sold, but at White Lion’s request, the amount was reduced to $2.50. This album has sold around 300,000 copies and is still available in Puerto Rico and the United States. According to the lawsuit, the businessman has not complied with his July 19th 2001 contract by not paying the vocalist the agreed compensation. The breach of contract has caused losses of approximately $450,000 in royalties, only for the sales of El Abayarde and El Enemy de los Guasibiri, according to the report.

With this suit, Calderón requests that they hand over records of all of the sales of both discs as business made with the use of his works and compositions everywhere they have been used.

In the same lawsuit, Calderón alleges that he was asked by De León to participate on the albums of his artists Zion & Lennox, Julio Voltio and John Eric, for which he is owed another $350,000.

The artist insisted that he invested $20,000 towards the promotion of Zion & Lennox’s album Motivando a la Yal, but De León has not publicly recognized his participation, nor has he been compensated for doing so, and has only been given back $10,000.

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