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Dominicanos en Primera Fila!

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ImageThe United Palace will present a musical gala when international Latin music stars Danny Rivera; Anthony Rios;Fernando Villalona; Sophy and Frank Reyes and join for a special evening at Noche de Gala Saturday, February 10th, and Wednesday February 14th at 8 p.m.

The gala, produced by Felix Cabrera, which celebrates the week of love and friendship, joins some of the best voices in the Latino musical market when crooner Danny Rivera enters the stage.

Music has been a way of life for Danny Rivera since he started singing in his native Santurce neighborhood bars. After a strong spiritual formation, he was ready for stardom, and his religious as well as the experience gained in the neighborhood bars played an important role in his music career. A true crooner, Danny Rivera mixes the excellence of his voice with his ability to dance and an uncanny sense of humor to make every presentation a delight for the audience. Since his early days when he was chosen as “the Revelation” in the 1968 Popularity Festival, he has put together an amazing string of musical success. Among his hits "Porque yo te amo" y "Fuiste mía un verano", "Manolo", "Mi viejo", "Yo y la rosa" , "Va cayendo una lágrima, "Jesucristo", "Tu pueblo es mi pueblo", "Amada amante" , "Tantos deseos de ella","Ódiame", "Todos están sordos", "Vecino dame la mano", "La distancia" , "Qué daría yo”, "Para decir adiós". His records have won three gold, four silver, three Grammy nominations, and hundreds of awards. He has worked with Rafael Ferro, the musical director for Julio Iglesias, as well as famed Los Angeles director Don Costas. He has also worked with Jim Page, whose work with Whitney Houston and Lionel Ritchie also brought him fame and recognition. Danny is undoubtedly one of the better prepared and most recognized artists in the constellation of Latino music stars, all his shows are recognized for their passion and professionalism and this will undoubtedly prove to be a command performance.

Born Florián Antonio Jiménez in Las Cañitas, Sabana de la Mar. The future singer soon began playing the guitar and singing in Hato Mayor, where he became known as a troubadour and the province’s Bohemian. It was from there where Joaquín Maxwell met him, and invited him to travel to the capital city to get to meet with Johnny Ventura. The meeting proved to be a Godsend and as soon Fausto Rey retired from Ventura’s Combo Show, he joined in. Initially known by the appellative of Kinder and later as Anthony Ríos, he became a fixture the Dominican public. After a few dozen musical productions that include his participations in El gran homenaje a Odilio (El Jibarito Lares), he has become a true music fixture. Anthony Ríos is also a composer of renown and his songs have been singed by artists such as Sophy, Lisette Alvarez, Yolandita Monge, Pernando Beyond and Shepherd Lopez, among many others. His show is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

One of the most recognized voices in the Dominican Republic has to be Fernando Villalona. He started as a child in Loma de Cabrera where he was born, as part of a group of very talented brothers who were all musicians and singers. In 1971 Auncaba, a Dominican association of musicians, singers, and dancers, organized a music festival. A child, who was only 13 years old took the event by storm and the legend of Fernando Villalona, was born. Knows as El Mayimbe, Villalona is a beloved star and a true musical talent. His performances in New York are always landmark events and undoubtedly, el Mayimbe will thrill the audience with another special performance.

From Puerto Rico also comes Sophy, and her performances over more that three decades of top notch performances have made her an audience favorite. The only woman ever to be properly a part of Tito Puente’s orchestra, Sophy has been popping hit singles for ever after. Puente released an album “Tito Puente presenta con orgullo.. Sophy”, featuring the talented Sophy and her hit song “La última palabra”. The song gave Sophy recognition in New York as well as Puerto Rico during the summer of 1970. In 1971 she released her second album: Te Reto under the Tico label. In 1972 her career took off after signing with the Velvet record label, releasing widely broadcast hit songs such as “Te apuesto”, “Los Reyes Magos” and “Será, será”. But it was in 1973 that her album Yo soy mujer... y no soy una santa” helped establish her as the most popular female singer in Puerto Rico. The album was acclaimed in Puerto Rico with hit songs including “Locuras tengo de ti”, “Estoy sola”, “Muchacho malo”, “Perdón”, “Cuéntale a ella” and “Canción para una esposa triste” dominating the airwaves in Puerto Rico. A succession of hit records followed as well as night club appearances and concerts. Her popularity also spread well beyond Puerto Rico to Latin America and the United States. During one concert in the Dominican Republic, Sophy attracted more than 30,000 fans, to the Olympic Stadium under a torrential rainstorm. She sang 22 songs while the fans stayed on their feet. In the 1980’s, Sophy scored new hit songs such as “Vicio”, “Un amante así”, “Qué sabe nadie”, “Todo comenzó” and “Beso a beso”. She also moved beyond pop music to try her hand at salsa, with an album entitled Sophy in New York, produced by Willie Colón. Perhaps her greatest achievement though was the album The Rhythm of the Night that included American themes, sung in Spanish with merengue rhythms. The album showcased her extensive talents and opened the door to more opportunities. A unique talent, her performance can't be missed.

Another Dominican, bachata and merengue singer Frank Reyes, had his breakthrough after Sony released his album Estelares de Frank Reyes. Known as Bachata's prince, Reyes won a Cassandra award, a major local recognition, as well as an Acroarte nomination, for best Bachata performer. "Vine a Decirte Adios" continued the hit parade, with "Extraño Mi Pueblo", and "Amor en Silencio" being proof of his great talent as a bachatero.

Tickets are priced at $ 98.00, 88.00, 58.00 and 48.00, and could be purchased at the theatre’s box office and La Casa del Mofongo as well as The Seafood Factory. If you need further information you can call 212-333-3737. The concert is produced by Felix Cabrera and sponsored by Union Telecard Alliance.

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