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El Talento esta sin Firmar!

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ImageJoesil Caban, (aka Joe Sex) the older of the two brothers has been the driving force behind the duo’s materialization. However Jason Caban, (aka Doble Jota) has taken them to a higher echelon. Raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn Joe and Doble came to Reggetton in different ways. Joe always loved the music the different rhythms and the beats that came with it. While his younger brother Doble spit rhymes in Spanish even thou Reggetton wasn’t his thing and not that important to him, it was just another new beat in the street. Ironically in 2002, Doble was performing at a Reggetton talent show when the crowd’s reaction to the music made Doble reconsider his position towards Reggetton.

{Doble}, At first I didn’t like it, but after my performance and seen how the people loved the show and reacted to my rhymes and songs I felt the adrenaline rushing thru my blood and the energy was amazing. I wanted to continue feeling that love from the public and the energy that they give me every time I performed.

A week later Doble was writing lyrics to more Reggetton beats, and his older brother Joe Sex, stood by the door watching and listening not thinking about reasons but the potential his little brother Doble possess. So he decided to join his brother in his quest to success and became a duo. That was the biggest change in Joe Sex’s life. They became exceptional with their own rhymes and proved their hard work by performing in many locations around their hometown. They recorded their first song together named, "Blinblineo” which is currently receiving spins in New York, Chicago, Miami, Texas, and Boston. The music, although classified as Reggetton is so different, fresh and insightful a total modification to the norm. “We wanted to sound different, we incorporated all types of different beats and sounds to our music, like salsa, merengue, R&B, Rap, Pop, Spanish, English you named it we can do it. We do not fear to try anything new, we are different, we are unique in our own way and we are not afraid”.

With a Unique sound, an endearing look and astounding talent, the duo seems to have everything to propel Reggetton into the laps of America’s extensive audience. They started by selling CD’s out of their trunk they were hungry for fame and now the hunger had increased. “We do music not as a job but we do it with the same love as a hobby. People hate their jobs but a hobby is treated differently and that is our approach to the music” They are so devoted to their music that they put their lives to a stop to continue their conquest of fame.

{Doble}, I was working so hard everyday trying to get the CD’s pressed, wrapped and sold, that I would go for days without sleep, and it caught up to me one day while I was driving on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. I felt asleep while driving my car on the way to the studio and got into a car accident. I was messed up, my car was a total loss, after I had it towed away. I got in a cab and arrived at the studio to get those CD’s pressed. There was no real money involved, I knew it had to be done, the music was calling me and like they say in show business,
“The Show Must Go On”.

They have come a long away; the duo has taken their Reggetton around the country and beyond. They competed at the Cuervoton National Hispanic Urban Music competition and they won the battle against Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and in New York. They landed a meeting with Wu-Tang Latino and Machete Records and a write up in Bridgez Magazine. They have appeared at Power 92 radio in Chicago with DJ Rocsi. They are rising rapidly in the music world. They have performed live in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Virginia, and Philadelphia. After a short rest they will be traveling to Dominican Republic and to London. They even have their own ring tone that will be available for cell phones. Their latest performance was at the Festival on 116th Street in Spanish Harlem and on McKarean Park in Brooklyn for the 49th Puerto Rican Day Parade Festival.

For more information about the amazing duo, Doble Jota & Joe Sex

Check their website at,

{Joe Sex}, we are rising to the top and singing Reggetton from New York and we make good music, we incorporate cultures, we have New York with us, a good supporting team behind us, and a bright future in front of us. We can change the face of Reggetton forever.

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