Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Reggaeton Evolucionando

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ImageReggaeton may seem like a brand new genre for many people in the US. The truth is, before its US invasion, Reggaeton artists were already considered celebrities in other parts of the world. Despite the success it has received in the US, many industry insiders still wonder if Reggaeton is a passing fad or not. Since Reggaeton has already established itself in the Caribbean and Latin America, questioning its staying power should really be a question over its staying power in the US. There are some factors that may stifle the growth of Reggaeton music. The source of the problems begins in the same place that helped Reggaeton blow up in the states- radio DJs. As the same Reggaeton hit-makers continue delivering hits, the playlists becomes less diverse. Radio DJs are taking risks when they play newer, less-known artists. But without the new music, the genre will lose its shine and the audience will become bored.

Still, keep in mind; all music eventually evolves. Already, Hip Hop and Reggaeton have merged together to bring new music. Also, in true tradition to Hip Hop, Reggaeton has taken form to the tried and true method of battling on wax. By merging with Hip Hop, the genre is taking a step towards expanding its audience. Reggaeton holds many of the same dynamics that Hip Hop has as well. The music is diverse enough to deliver club bangers and also deliver raw lyrics depicting life in the hood. What Hip Hop has done for the ghettos of the US, Reggaeton is doing for the Caribbean.

Doubt it or not, Reggaeton music is a well established music genre. With sold out concerts and Hip Hop artists jumping on the bandwagon and major record labels signing Reggaeton artists, its easy to see that the Reggaeton music genre is only getting bigger with time.

By Glenny Cruz

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