Monday, November 20, 2006

Disco Caoba!

Coalition Music Group Releases 'LOS COCOROCOS'

Monday, 20 November 2006

Image"LOS COCOROCOS" is the first release to be launched by indie CMG (Coalition Music Group) distributed by Universal/MOTOWN. A young label with a clear vision of the required elements needed in today's Latin music industry, CMG braves the new waters with projects that will certainly feed the ambitions of a market hungry for new options. As Lou Navarro, President/CEO for CMG comments - "We want to take Latin music and boost it by injecting new elements that will make it more appealing to a broader market."

"LOS COCOROCOS" is born from the idea to relive the famed 70's clubs that thrived nightly throughout the Caribbean specifically in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There, loyal fans met their musical icons greeting the morning-after till the wee hours of the day with continuous dancing and singing.

"LOS COCOROCOS" is the ideal CD of the true salsa fan - the type who idolizes the classic sounds yet allows it to easily weave and breed new sounds such as urban reggaeton as it happily cohabitates with a younger, more hip crowd. It's a release that will pass from a a sure classic, to a collector's most ambitious masterpiece. Its concept; the content and the exponents only happen because of the dire need to participate in this historical gathering. It's a production that must be danced, felt and inspire as it unites generations with generations; grandparents, siblings and grandkids.

"To say COCOROCO -is to justify that my grandfather was a fan of Daniel Santos, Tito Lara, Bobby Capo and Beny More; it's to say that he fell in love with my grandmother on a magical night as both of them closely danced...very "apanchangao" a exquisite bolero by Tito Rodríguez...".- Gallego

"LOS COCOROCOS" is history in the making. A release full of original tracks interlaced with salsa classics. It's composed of 13 songs masterfully interpreted by solo artists, duos or trios joining to perform the best of the best: "Los Hombres Tienen La Culpa", by Gilberto Santa Rosa & Don Omar, "Che Che Colé" by Tego Calderón & Víctor Manuelle, "Dos Jueyes" by Zion and Domingo Quiñones, "Perdona Viejo" by Papo Rosario of the legendary Gran Combo and his son Aniel Rosario; "Claro de Luna" by Voltio, and "Los Gorditos" by Tito Nieves, Pedro Brull y John Eric, just to mention a few. This production has musical arrangements by Charlie Donato, Domingo Quiñones, Jose Lugo and Willie Sotello

Introduccion - Written by Gallego
The CD starts with a spoken declaration by Gallego accompanied by the "tumbao" of the congas as he narrates the story, the essence, the respect, the pride and the life of the "COCOROCO", recorded at Estudios V.I and mixed by Junito.

-"To say COCOROCO, is to say that Hector Lavoe and Willy Colon were present in my mom's graduation and that the Americans had landed in the moon but had still not mastered how to dance salsa

-"To say COCOROCO - ".is to bow to 'guasibiri,' 'tribili,' 'mamo amalga'…"

-"To say COCOROCO is to say that rap and reggaeton are the continuation of the endless need to communicate what is happening in the streets and how our lives are influenced by the music we's to say that the 'old' salsa is first blood cousin to rap and reggaeton"

"Los Hombres Tienen La Culpa" - Gilberto Santa Rosa & Don Omar is the debut single of this release and an original by producer Charlie Donato. Recorded at "Major League Music Studios," with Corey Hill as sound engineer and mixed by Marioso. Masterfully interpreted by the "Caballero of Salsa," Gilbert Santa Rosa and the Don of reggae ton, DON OMAR, the single has found its way rapidly up the charts in the US and Puerto Rico.

Other Tracks:

• "DOS JUEYES" - Zion & Domingo Quiñones

• "CHE CHE COLE" -Tego Calderon & Victor Manuelle

• "MAL AGÜERO" - Domingo Quiñones & La Sista

• "PERDONA VIEJO"- Papo Rosario del Gran Combo and son ARIEL Rosario

• "LOS GORDITOS" - Pedro Brull, John Eric & Tito Nieves


• "MULATA RUMBERA" - Junior González y Plaza

• "ESA NENA" - Jaking y Máximo

• "MAFO CREW" - Mafo Crew

• "LA WASA" - La Symphonia



Alejandro said...

Epalex... Bueno solo queria saber si tienes alguna informacion del Cd "Daddy Yankee & N.O.R.E - Reggaeton Imvacion" y de que pagina poddria bajarlo

Bueno sin mas nada que decir me despido

Alejandro/Miranda - Venezuela

Danny_Blizz said...

Hey Alejandro! Si tengo la canción zumbame al Correo mio pa dartela!