Friday, February 16, 2007

Ivy Queen Regresa Fuerte!

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ImageShe’s back… or at least she will be officially on March 27. La Caballota . . . Ivy Queen.The only woman in the reggaeton game that can hold her own against the dudes. Think Rah Digga with better sales. On her new joint Sentimiento, Ivy gets into the pitfalls of love from both sides, male and female. The joint features her ex, DJ Urba, Monserrate, Luny Tunes, Noriega, Mickey Perfecto, among others.

“In Sentimiento we find that love is what keeps us alive, whether it's a breakup or reconciliation," says Ivy. "Each guest artist is there to tell the listeners that we have all loved at least once in our lives. The idea of creating such a profound album is based on the fact that my parents raised me on 'corta venas,' (cut veins), to love passionately. And I wanted my generation to have songs that express what they are going through when they are in love. I want people to listen to my growth as an artist and as a woman.”

For those that don’t know corta venas is the nickname given to heart wrenching boleros, pasillos that were sung by singers like Julio Jaramillo and Daniel Santos. Check out the new single, “Que Lloren,” produced by DJ Urba and Monserrate here: Video Sentimiento drops March 27 on La Calle/Univision Records.



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