Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Atentado Contra "El Rey"

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ImageAfter moments of tension due to a mechanical failure on a plane, he arrived in Egypt. After experiencing fear last week caused by a mechanical failure during a flight, the popular reggaeton artist Don Omar performed in Egypt alongside Hakeem to great success. They will record a duet together called “Tuigui”. This song will be included in Hakeem’s upcoming album called León de Egipto. The recording of this song marks the beginning of another phase in Don Omar’s soaring career and he thus becomes the first artist of this genre to sing alongside the Egyptian star.

The song’s video was shot yesterday in the Pyramids of Egypt. Don Omar got a reception fit for a diplomat at Cairo’s international airport on April 11. Surrounded by a score of interviewers and hundreds of fans, the singer of “Dale, don, dale” managed to leave the airport by an alternative route.

The following day, the artist gave a press conference alongside Hakeen, during which both expressed their mutual admiration and discussed their new project. Tuigui, written by the two artists, was produced by Eliel Lind and carries a strong message against racial discrimination.

VOY / Agencies

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